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    Streaming Links

  • youtubetv
  • netflix
  • hulu
  • fubotv
  • sling
  • pandora
  • spotify

Fast Speeds

Foothills Internet brings a high speed, low latency internet connection to your home. The rest is up to you! Stream, Surf many of the streaming services at high speed. TV and Cable packages are old school now. Stream what you want, when you want at a much lower price and with no data caps.

Fast Installs

We can install your new service usually within the same week. The process is easy. We schedule an install date, perform our survey prior to the physical installation to show you the speed you will receive and then complete the install that day.

Phone Support

No Chat. No EMail support. Its frustrating not to talk to a real person or an international phone support center that you cant understand. We are local. Talk to real technicians that live in the area that strive to help you enjoy the internet. We are open from 8am - 8pm 7 days a week. Call us today to order Foothills Internet service.

Data Backups

Lost data is devastating. Many years of pictures, videos and other critical data can really cause stress. Backup your data with our special monthly backup service to eliminate this possible catastrophy.